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Check out our big range of fuel efficient tyres

Goodyear Auto Service Centres stock a big range of ENERGYWISE approved fuel efficient tyres. Tyres with this approval mark meet ENERGYWISE standards for both fuel efficiency and braking in the wet – saving fuel and ensuring performance when safety really counts.

Tyres may all look the same but fuel efficient tyres are made from a different compound so they roll along the ground more easily. When driving, your car will use less energy to push itself along, and you’ll go further on a tank because you’ll use less fuel.

Keep an eye out for that orange tick! The staff at your local Goodyear Auto Service Centre can answer any questions you have about fuel efficiency and ENERGYWISE approved tyres.

View the full details of Goodyear and Dunlop’s range of ENERGYWISE approved fuel efficient tyres: Goodyear Dunlop ENERGYWISE approved tyres booklet [PDF file, 1 MB size, 4 pages]

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